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A Hotmail account is more that your basic email account, which allows you the privilege of services offered by Microsoft which is highly beneficial when you must be on the go. Access your Windows Live Hotmail account from any mobile device once you have logged in, or from any computer, be it Windows or a Mac PC.

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How can I sign up a Hotmail account?

A Hotmail email account is one of the first webmail service offered on the Internet which allowed users to access their inbox across various mobile devices and through you’re a Windows or a Mac computer. Once you have created a Hotmail account, you are now in possession of a Microsoft account which grants you the privilege to access a wide variety of services available free, courtesy of Microsoft. Follow the outlined instructions below to sign up Hotmail.Now you can Login to Hotmail and use.

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What is

These services are available to you for free. Also, as part of Microsoft’s Windows Live group of applications and services, Hotmail seamlessly integrates several useful and related features fitting for you. Windows Live Hotmail provides a user-friendly interface which provides ease of use for you the consumer. Therefore, there is no reason for you to hesitate with such great features awaiting you. Start today by setting up your very own Hotmail account.

Questions you might ask.

Q – How to Close Microsoft Hotmail/ Email Account?

A – If your (formerly Hotmail) has been dormant and you have no intention of using the account in the future, Microsoft provides you the ability to permanently delete the account. The procedure is quite simple but you should also be aware that your personal content such as; email, photos and files will also be completely deleted after a 60 day waiting period.

Q – How to Permanently Delete Hotmail and Windows Live Account?

A –  To permanently delete your account, enter the Microsoft account Service (formerly known as the Microsoft Passport Network) and log in with the account want to delete. You will then follow the on-screen instructions to verify your account. Once you have completed these steps, read the recommendations and follow through by clicking next to close the account.

Microsoft provides you with a 60-days waiting period before proceeding to permanently delete your account. This is to allow you sufficient time to change your mind or recover relevant data from your account. If you have decided not to cancel your account, simply log-in before the end of the period and the account closure will be canceled.

Q – How do I export my contacts from Windows Live Hotmail or

A – Follow instruction: