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Hotmail is amongst the most renowned and used email application based on the desktop. Having an Hotmail account allows you access to an awesome experience which begins the moment you have created your very own Windows ID.

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Whether for business or for personal use, Microsoft’s Outlook has a nice package which is very easy to use and accessible on your mobile device, Windows, or Mac PC

Hotmail login - How to Login to your Hotmail Account?

There are two primary methods to login to Hotmail. Your Hotmail can be accessed through your mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet, or via the web through a web browser of choice on your Windows or Mac computer. Outlook for business can also be logged in using the above-mentioned method, however there is also a desktop application which requires an exchange server details which should be provided by your company or organisation’s IT/ Technical supports team.

Login to Hotmail using a Windows or Mac Web Browser

Hotmail login via a Mobile Device

Why do you need a Hotmail Account?

By simply creating your Hotmail account, you are now able to capitalise on the great features provided by Microsoft, which is easily accessible from your mobile device or through the web. First off, we are in the age of advanced mobile technology and if you are an individual with multiple devices; laptop, tablets, smart smartphones, you will find that there is a great need to access your personal information on any device, whenever and wherever you want it. Also with your Hotmail(Outlook) account, you are privileged to have the use of Microsoft’s OneDrive. One Drive provides you with information when you need it, and from any location, once you have access to the internet.  Although Hotmail for business may require additional criteria to be met and is limited to the needs of the businesses, it is nonetheless a great experience.

Questions You May Ask

Q - How do I sign out? A - Click your profile picture in the top, right corner of the menu bar, and click Sign out. Q - Where can I find self-help content for the new features for Mail, Calendar, and People? A - Self-help content is available here on You can also search for help content within the web application. Q - How do I insure that I’m seeing all the features in the Preview on a web browser? A - To get the most out of the Preview, we recommend that you use the latest version of your browser. With older browsers, you will receive a light or basic experience.